Review: The Howling Tongues – Vivian (Single)

Artist: The Howling Tongues
Release: Vivian (Single)
Release date: Mar. 8, 2016
Genre: Rock & Roll

When The Howling Tongues’ new single, “Vivian,” hits music streaming and download services on March 8, listeners can expect anthemic, infectious blues-infused rock to triumph through their speakers.

The Atlanta-based quintet is fronted by lead vocalist Davey Rockett, whose powerful, distinctive voice and wide vocal range drives the bus on “Vivian.” Rockett combines with bandmates Nick Magliochetti (Guitar), Tylor James (Drums), Brandon Witcher (Bass) and Thomas Wainwright (Keys) to sound as tight as ever on this groovy, 3-minute track about the shady antics of a witchy woman.

Keep tabs on The Howling Tongues as they prepare to release “Vivian” and more at the band’s official website.

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