Review: Zach Russack’s Wintry New ‘The Common Cold’ EP

Artist: Zach Russack
Album: The Common Cold EP
Released: January 31, 2018
Genre: Folk/Alternative

Warren County-based folk singer-songwriter Zack Russack released “The Common Cold EP,” a tender, three-track collection of stories that is the perfect companion to a mid-winter’s chill.

On that note, it’s fitting that the EP starts with “January Chills,” a lonely, minor-keyed acoustic ballad about the regret left behind by a distant ex-lover. On “Goodnight,” the guitar tones brighten up a bit, but are contrasted by emotion-rich strings and Russack’s gripping story of a final goodbye between a father and son.

Closing track “Untitled No. 2” is a sleepy number, underscored by guitar picking that can best be described as tender and intricate.

Track listing:
January Chills
Untitled No. 2

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