UMC20: July 9, 2019

We have loads of new releases on this week’s edition of UMC20.

You’ll get to hear our thoughts on a lot of these songs in the coming weeks, so much of this week’s playlist serves as a preview of what’s to come. In other cases, it’s a tribute to where we’ve been, with Daily Spinns and other featured selections making their way onto the playlist.

All in all, it’s yet another example of the fact that quality still exists in any genre. We’ve done the hunting for you. Enjoy it below!

Track listing
EverSōl – Secrets Untold
Delta Rae – Hands Dirty
Stephanie Ryann – Home
Raquel & the Wildflowers – Hot July (Summer Love)
Clayton Kaiser – Beer Flavored Kisses
Cris Jacobs – Under the Big Top
Marielle Kraft – Better Without You
The Stash – Thunder
HUNGER – Light It Up
Julie Haven – See Me Cry
Ayoinmotion – She’s Leaving
J.Chantel ft. Jay Da Spade – Distractions
Nate Rose – Curious George
Zach Russack – 80 Proof
Knave – Plain People O.S.T.
At Best – Changing Shape
Greg in Good Company – american Way
Second Player Score – Broken Ecstacy
Mike Llerena & the Nerve – Last Words
Ron Gallo – “You” Are the Problem

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