The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, July 11

Pennsylvania alt rockers Alpha Zero Three recently released a brand new single, “Version Control,” which will slowly be making its rounds onto the internet. We’ll have a review coming soon.

But, this is #ThrowbackThursday, so let’s hearken back to one of the harder hitting tracks from the band’s 2017 self-titled, full length release.

“Ghost” is hallmarked by a notable, blistering guitar riff from axe man Jeff Smith, who comes frantically out of the gate to supply the single with a heavy metal feel. That intensity is ramped up further by frontman Monty Leach’s vocal, which he delivers passionately as he flexes impressive range.

For as high-octane as “Ghost” is, there is a gloss coat of more mainstream rock sensibility in the chorus, which features an earworm of a melody that will help fans recall Foo Fighters’ earlier work. The end result is a Daily Spinn that rocks hard enough to entice metalheads, but is enjoyable to listeners across the spectrum.

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