Lost Stars’ SIRENS + LIGHT Adds Depth to Band’s Growing ‘Legacy’

You’ve waited months for this, and now it’s here: Lost Stars has released their long-anticipated EP, SIRENS + LIGHT.

Beginning with lead-up singles, “Once in a Lifetime,” “Never Getting Over You,” and mental health advocacy anthem, “Enough,” SIRENS + LIGHT features three new tracks which include the punchy, intense “Relentless,” which calls to mind the fiery side of Imagine Dragons with a pounding, locked-and-loaded instrumental and the determined, ready-for-battle vocal delivery of frontman Damian Malnar.

“No Turning Back” offers a funkier shade of alt-pop, complete with a fun groove from bassist Charley Holden and a playful vocal from Malnar that acknowledges the wonderful confusion that exists in the moment of becoming more than “just friends.”

Finally, the upbeat “Legacy” closes things out with a contemplative eye toward the future. Driven forward by the clean guitar work of Trey Warner, the band openly ponders the mark they’ll leave on music and the world, while acknowledging the work that lies ahead in order to back up the track’s optimistic tone.

If you’re in Nashville, and you’re looking for a chance to celebrate the release of SIRENS + LIGHT, you’re in luck! Lost Stars will be performing its Nashville release show at The Back Corner this Saturday, July 20 beginning at 6 p.m. with support from Beyond the Sun and Caleb Blair.

While you wait, hear what you’ll be celebrating by streaming SIRENS + LIGHT below.

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