The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, August 1

Hey… we have an idea.

How about a Daily Spinn that’s also a review of a brand new single, all rolled into one?!

We came up with this idea, because Toronto-based Eric & The Soo sent their new single, “Goulais Bay,” over our way via The Quinn Spinn’s Facebook page, and it was just released on Tuesday. So, there’s no better time to use the Daily Spinn to bring you something completely fresh.

It’s also perfect for the first day of August, because this is a cool, breezy summer ballad. Frontman Eric Brombacher sings a gentle melody about falling in love on the northern shores of Lake Superior. This is accompanied by slow-swaying rhythms and a lead harmonica part that adds an old country feel.

Relax your day away by “Goulais Bay.” Stream it below!

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