SoundCloud Launches SC101 Educational Video Series

If you’re like most independent musicians, there’s a good chance that you’ve used SoundCloud as a platform to share your music.

Now, SoundCloud is giving you more resources to help you best utilize the platform — from setting up your profile, to learning how to use the platform’s analytics to plan your next tour.

SoundCloud has launched its SC101 video series as part of its Creator Education Program. The series currently six videos designed to “(break) down a key topic fast, with step-by-step product walk-throughs and actionable tips, presented in a fun, accessible format.” Each topic was chosen by creators using the platform, as well as SoundCloud employees, reflecting the topics most important to the people who use SoundCloud every day.

There are currently six videos in the SC101 series. They include:
Setting up your Profile
Networking & Engagement
Optimizing your tracks
Sharing your work
Basic stats
Extensive stats

Watch the series introduction below, and learn more about SC101 at this link.

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