LISTEN: Kendal Conrad – ‘Come to Your Senses’

Kendal Conrad has made a name for herself in the country music world in recent years. The Nashville-based Pennsylvania native has a healthy list of notable achievements to this point in her career. These include singing a duet with Keith Urban, and appearing on television and other media all over the country.

Now, add the success of her new single, “Come to Your Senses,” to the list!

The single, released back in June, has already achieved upwards of 70,000 streams between Apple Music and Spotify. Listening to it, it’s easy to understand why: its slow, smooth groove is easy on the ears and adds a layer of adult contemporary glow. For the country fan, there’s some intricate, twangy guitar work to enjoy, while Conrad shows off the powerful voice that continues to lead her to opportunities on big stages.

Haven’t heard it yet? Well, “Come to Your Senses” already and stream it below!

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