The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, September 9

After a couple weeks’ hiatus, the Daily Spinn is back!

In keeping with tradition, we’re using our New Episode Release Day (N.E.R.D.) Daily Spinn to highlight our latest guest.

There is no shortage of powerful moments on Confessional, the new album from alt-pop artist Talia Stewart. However, the one we’re choosing to highlight today might take the cake.

“Amante” serves as the album’s emotional apex. It is a bluesy, pleading profession of love for a person who can’t find the love within themselves. The whole tune is sure to make you feel some heavy feelings, but its drama and desperation pick up at the bridge just before three-minute mark, and continue through a heartbreaking final chorus that showcases Stewart at her most powerful.

Give it a listen below, and don’t forget to visit this link for our thoughts on Confessional in its entirety.

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