The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, September 23

Last night, we had the pleasure of enjoying a live performance from Catalina, who you may remember for releasing this fantastic album not too long ago. She performed as a part of Sad Girl Music’s One-Year Anniversary show at Helping Our Music Evolve here in Nashville, and we’ll have a full recap (with photos) on what was, all around, a powerful night of live music very soon.

For now, though, we want to start your week of Daily Spinns off in the most relaxing way possible. Coming in like a gentle island breeze, the romantic tropical vibes brought forth by Catalina’s tune, “Desenfoca,” are sure to ease the stress of starting a new week. Notably, “Desenfoca” is also one of two Spanish-language tracks on the aptly-titled Multifacética, and stands out as one of the album’s special moments.

Give a listen to our Daily Spinn below, and let the music take you away…

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