UMC20: September 24, 2019

Let us start by saying that, for obvious reasons, our focus is on the first-ever Underground Writers Round, taking place this Friday, September 27 at Nashville’s historic Douglas Corner Cafe beginning at 9 p.m.

So, with that, you’ll hear not one, not two, but all six #UndergroundRound performers on this week’s UMC20. They include, in alphabetical order: Elisabeth Beckwitt, Evan Cline, Cameron Floyd, Timothy Myles, Savannah, and The Slow Drag. If you like what you hear from them below, then you’ll want to sign up to come along for the ride on Friday night.

There’s much more where that came from. We’re still buzzing from Sunday’s Sad Girl Night One-Year Anniversary at H.O.M.E. While we work to get you those photos, enjoy hearing everyone who performed below. Also, there are a handful of other artists we’ve seen out and about, and a few we included because we felt it was time to give them a spin.

Whatever the case, this playlist right here is sure to get you through the week. Come get it!

Track listing
Elisabeth Beckwitt – Lovely
Savannah – Snake in the Grass
Cameron Floyd – Kids
Evan Cline – Part of Me
The Slow Drag – God Roots For My Team (Acoustic)
Timothy Myles – Grandma’s Rainbow
Catalina – Desenfoca
Bee Taylor – Tell Me What You Want
Bonner Black – In My Dreams
Laurel & the Love In – Want You For Your Body
Williams – Sinner
J.Antonette – Something I Said
Amy Jay – Grief
MOLLE – Resurrection
Allan Scott – Bright
A.T. Branch – Ready 4 War
Luca Di Fabio – I Can’t Cry Anymore
Artikal Sound System ft. Josh Heinrichs – Easy Road
Kiki Halliday – Majesty
Darrin Bradbury – Breakfast

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