The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, October 3

Tomorrow, we’re going to have a feature on Becoming Young, the project of pop singer-songwriter Brandon Calano, who won Series 2 of the Top Writer Series at True Music Room in late August.

Today, we’re going to let your ears into his latest release.

Becoming Young just released his first pop single, “Trippin’,” this past Friday. Blending some Ed Sheeran-influenced acoustic guitar with some modern electro-pop elements, the single is instantly accessible, while providing the lyrical depth to effectively deliver the narrative of a man falling fast in love, but being too guarded to let it show.

“I was just so guarded emotionally. I was dating around, seeing a bunch of people at that point, but I would never be real with my feelings if I actually liked someone,” Calano said of “Trippin’. “That’s where that came from lyrically, that idea of ‘I’m thinking about you, but I’m not going to tell you about it.’”

We’ll tell you more about the song and Brandon’s journey tomorrow. We’ll even include the music video for “Trippin'” which was deemed too hot for social media by the censoring powers that be. Until then, get yourself a taste with today’s Daily Spinn!

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