VIDEO PREMIERE: The Slow Drag – ‘Death on My Mind’

The Slow Drag‘s debut record, Dope Tunage, Vol. 1, will be released to the world on October 21.

Before then, we have a look and listen for you that is equal parts morbid and light-hearted, and employs the use of Legos. Lots and lots of Legos.

The video for “Death on My Mind” was animated by 9-time Steinerei award-winning director Steffen Troeger, who used hundreds of Legos in stop motion to tell a story — one that describes, in no uncertain terms, the ravages of time and age, and the ultimate conclusion that awaits us all.

“The song was written in the wake of the realization that everyone, myself included, is gonna die someday,” says Austin James of The Slow Drag. “This lyrics are a lot like the darker stuff I was listening to as a teenager: broody, hopeless, and polarized. There is no hope and no escape. I wanted some theatrical elements to the arrangement, and harkened back to artists like Rufus Wainwright, Sondre Lerche, and Elliott Smith in order to find it.”

Despite its dark themes, “Death on My Mind” is a fun watch — especially this time of year. The video is complete with zombies and skeletons causing a ruckus in a graveyard, and Death himself taking a breather in a bubble bath after a long, hard day of… killing things, probably.

You’ll get a kick out of this one, for sure. Check it out below!

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