The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, November 1

Let’s send you into the weekend with some hope. Namely, a hope that heartbreak is temporary.

That’s the underlying message of “Be Like You,” the new dreamy-pop single from HAYL. Co-written with collaborators Chelsea Balan and Wilson McBeath, the tune’s light-as-a-feather soundscape is juxtaposed with its dark, lonely narrative — one which resonates with the singer on a new, previously-unexpected level.

“I wrote ‘Be Like You’ when it wasn’t parallel to my life at all. Then, a few months later, I was heartbroken by someone who couldn’t love me or himself,” HAYL noted. “It was crazy how much this song spoke to me. He moved on so fast, it seemed like being in the same room didn’t affect him, while it was killing me. This song comes from a place of believing I was worthless: feeling lonely and angry at the same time.”

Even so, HAYL believes that “Be Like You” can provide a silver lining to listeners going through similar anguish in their own lives.

“I hope this song gives you hope that heartbreak won’t last forever, even when you’re drowning in it.”

Stream “Be Like You” as our Daily Spinn below!

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