UMC20: November 12, 2019

Saying we’re excited about this week’s UMC20 playlist isn’t anything new. We’re excited about every offering of fresh, hot fire we drop on you every Tuesday.

Nonetheless, this one has some particularly special moments.

We’ve got bangers. We’ve got ballads. We even have as many participants in this Friday’s Underground Writers Round as we could find on Spotify. All of it is seamlessly (we hope) tied together to give you a potent and enjoyable soundtrack to your week.

Let’s give you that soundtrack, shall we? Stream it below, and make sure to follow the playlist if you like what you hear!

Track listing
The Mad Sugars – The More You Spill
Glamper – Take Your Cat Back
Rusty Shipp – Show Me How to Live
Clayton Kaiser – Talkin’ Honky Tonkin’
J.Antonette – Something I Said
Randi Driscoll – Cinderella Left the Ball
Stephanie Ryann – Summer Fling
Lazer & Levi – Just a Game
Rising Appalachia – Harmonize
Raye Zaragoza – American Dream
Micah Butler – Waves
Tom Pino ft. Colleen Francis – Stay
DaChri – XYZ
SOLA – Vinyl
Debris Discs – Animals
NyteXing – Preaching
Intellect – My Soul
Bootleg Rascal – Get Over Myself
A.T. Branch – Ready for War
Vanity Fear – Snakes Don’t Lie

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