LISTEN: Best Hit TV’s ‘This moment, only’ a ‘Human and Honest’ Collection

Some of the most magical moments in all of music are those that occur naturally; the in-the-moment, imperfect nuances that present the medium at its most honest.

Best Hit TV‘s Andrew Sheldon — who has never shied away from experimentation — took that notion and ran with it by releasing This moment, only, an acoustic record which borrows its title from the diary of comedian Gary Shandling. Each song on the 11-track record, which features mostly originals as well as a handful of select covers, was recorded in one take in an effort to “create live recordings that were honest and personal — with no affectation.”

“This is a record full of blemishes, missed notes and, in spaces, a shortness of breath,” Sheldon noted. “The guitars and vocals are recording in a single take, with no over-dubs and as lightly mixed as possible. It’s imperfect and, hopefully, human and honest.”

Get yourself a dose of something raw and unfiltered below!

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