The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, December 4

You might have heard a couple weeks ago that A.T. Branch released his debut EP, Renegade. On our end, we had a fun time digging into it.

So, let’s dig into the opening track, which wound up on a certain list of can’t-miss songs from 2019 not too long ago.

“Put in Work” is a grand opening statement to a dynamic piece of work from the singer, actor, and military veteran. The track begins with clanging percussive sounds underscoring a life lesson from Branch’s “Grampy Andy” persona. This gives way to big, staccato horns and Branch’s signature, smoky vocals. The singer flashes plenty of range as the tune progresses, proving to be versatile, yet steadfast in his message that he will do whatever it takes to reach the promised land.

We’re hooked on this one. We think you might be, too. Stream our midweek Daily Spinn below!

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