Bryce Green: Putting Nashville Hip-Hop on the Map

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According to statistics, the urban/hip-hop genre is the most consumed music in the world. Atlanta has famously carried the torch as a hub for mainstream urban/hip-hop artists to achieved global success.

However, just four hours north in Nashville, the genre’s presence is still developing. Long known as the home of country music, Nashville has more recently embraced the rock, pop, and Christian genres. But, even with artists like Lil Nas X — an Atlanta native! — bridging the gap for hip hop’s collaboration with Music City, there has yet to be a Nashville-based hip hop artist who has risen to superstardom.

Considering the qualities that artist would need to display — and, accounting for the underlying critical acceptance this city tends to voice — the “chosen one” would need to be a jack-of-all-trades to gain proper respect within the community, and to garner the industry attention to catapult them into a hugely successful career. Indeed, this individual would need to be a songwriter, rapper, vocalist, performer, producer, and player, all-in-one.

With that, we think we might have our guy!

Underground Music Collective proudly introduces you to Bryce Green, a Nashville-based artist who continually strives to learn, grow, and create. After numerous weekend writing trips to Nashville from his native St. Louis, Green decided to make the move to Music City last January, and has since built and diversified his catalog by collaborating with top-tier producer Tony Esterly (BTS, Sia, The Struts, Andra Day). This experience suited Bryce’s abilities as a multi-genre artist and songwriter, and has led him to opportunities to collaborate with even more established and emerging artists, songwriters, and producers. These include 81Maantra — a team formed by songwriters/producers Eric Olson and Sammy Martin, whose combined credits include the likes of Kelly Clarkson, The Shadowboxers, Conor Matthews, and more.

Green’s smart lyrics and unique, melodic flow help his music stand up and compete with Post Malone, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and The Weeknd. The production maintains an organic approach, allowing Green’s pleasantly textured vocals to emulate brilliant tone, and achieving a balance between top-notch songwriting and tasteful production.

After all of that, we’re sure you’re ready to find out everything you can about Bryce Green. You can visit him online here, and check out his catalog via Spotify below!

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