WATCH: Greek Metal Gods Leftover Bullets Unleash ‘Confused’

Photo credit: George L. Litsas

Sometimes, we find submissions from bands all over the world in our inbox.

Sometimes, those submissions blow us away. Such is the case with Leftover Bullets.

The Greek metal five-piece — consisting of Yiannis Vogiatzis (vocals), George Karathanasis (lead guitar), Vasilis Mpagas (rhythm guitar), Dimitris Argiropoulos (bass), and George Dimitridis (drums) — sent a video for their 2018 single, “Confused,” across the Atlantic to us. Directed by Artemios Alichanof, the video depicts the band losing control inside of a padded cell, with Vogiatzis at the forefront of instability and chaos represented by alternating all-white and all-black color schemes.

The tune itself is a high-octane banger, driven by relentless rhythms and wailing guitars, and which features Karathanasis delivering a blazing hot solo with equal parts flair and proficiency.

If you’re the hard-rocking type, you’ll want to dig right into this. Get “Confused” below!

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