LISTEN: Chey Rose Releases Heart-Wrenching Ballad, “Seventeen”

Chey Rose describes her new single, “Seventeen,” as an “intimate ballad perfect for breakup season.”

After listening through, we find that to be the perfect assessment.

“Seventeen” is the story of a woman gutted by the actions of a callous ex-lover. The tone is set by a sad and slow piano march, as Chey takes the opening verse to work through the initial shock of heartache. The track’s dynamics build in waves, with atmospheric, dark pop elements increasing in their prominence. These work in tandem with the vocal to build a palpable, emotional tension that boils over right before the 2:20 mark.

“Seventeen” was produced by Tony Chetta, who also receives a co-writing credit on the track alongside Chey Rose and Amy Asher. Mastering was performed by Alex Dobbert, with vocal tracking by Matt Harris. Stream it below!

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