UMC20: January 21, 2020

Even on these bleak, frigid-for-the-south winter days here in Nashville, we have plenty of fresh, hot fire to keep you warm.

In fact, we have some Women on Fire on this week’s UMC20 playlist, as well as some new releases, Daily Spinns, and other fun. We blur all kinds of genre lines, and have given you another hour-plus of music where you’re sure to find something that resonates with you.

So… let’s get after it, then. Start the weekly journey below!

Track listing
Climb The Sky – Wake Up With The Sun
Borrowed Sparks – Man With a Different Name
Brian Dunne ft. Caroline Spence – Walk Me Home
Not For Coltrane – Fuzziness and Breath
Ben Danaher – Still Feel Lucky
Billy Bauer Band – The Grip (Live)
Hawktail – The Tobogganist
Erin McLendon – When God Made a Woman
Sheridan Gates – Pick Up Line
Mary Moore – Redwoods
Mel Bryant – High Priestess
The Daily Fare – Come On, Weary Brother
Elisabeth Beckwitt – Grieving
Chey Rose – Seventeen
Daniel Simmons ft. Artist X – I SCREAM
Jackson Dreyer – Can’t Fake It
Rachel Troublefield – Dancing on the Moon
MOLLE – Waking Up.
Intellect – The Basement
Creative Mind Frame – Dirty 30s

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