The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, January 27

This summer, we’ll be welcoming our friend and Underground Writers Round alum .CAM to an episode of The Quinn Spinn.

Details are coming on that later. For now, check out the edge on his brand new single.

Used To” was released to the world this past Friday, and is the most somber offering from the Charlotte, NC native for as long as we’ve known him as .CAM. The single — which .CAM states is perhaps his most vulnerable to date — supports a story of dying love with the morose, atmospheric swell of dark, moody synths.

One nice surprise — and something that we’d love to hear more — is .CAM branching into the hip hop realm, opting to rap the closing 16 bars and providing the closure of an unhappy ending to our tale.

Get used to having this one on repeat. Enjoy our Daily Spinn!

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