A Slight Underground Writers Round Lineup Adjustment

We have a late-breaking update to the lineup for our next Underground Writers Round, in the form of a substitution.

Our friend and Jamestown Revival bassist Nick Bearden will be unable to join the party due to a conflicting commitment. We hope to bring him in later this year, but in the meantime, we’re bringing back an old friend under a new name.

.CAM, who performed on our inaugural Underground Writers Round back in September, will jump in. You may know that the Charlotte, NC native just released a new single, “Used To,” and has generally been tearing things up around Nashville since he last performed with us. All in all, we’re excited to have him back!

We’ll be announcing time slots and all of that next week. For now, know that .CAM will be joined throughout the night by…

Solo pop act Daniel Olsson
Indie artist Natalie Quevedo
Traditional country songwriter Nolen Miller
Contemporary country artist Patrick Carpenter
Country songstress Shannon Quinn

For the suggested donation of just $5, you will have the chance to enjoy the talents of the above musicians at Douglas Corner Cafe beginning at 9 p.m. on Friday, February 21. Stay tuned here and on Facebook for more updates!

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