WATCH: Talia Stewart Unveils ‘Rat Race’ Video

When Talia Stewart released her album, Confessional, last year, we highlighted “Rat Race” as the artist’s “opportunity to claim her strength as a woman and put shifty men on notice.”

After watching the video for the spooky track, we can confirm: we are all, indeed, just rats in Talia’s race.

The video premiered this past Thursday night at Altru Creative in East Nashville, at a party that was packed to the gills with Stewart’s peers and supporters. Co-directed and produced by Stewart and Nigel Pelligree, the dark, enchanting effort features Stewart at her most powerful; a master of her domain who causes the “rats” in her midst — both rodent and human — to bend to her will.

We’ll let the visuals speak for themselves but, as a partial spoiler, there is a giant rat wheel. Watch “Rat Race” below!

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