UMC20: February 18, 2020

There’s been a lot of love coming our way lately.

For real, though; Valentine’s Day was last week, and a lot of people released love songs (or… anti-love songs) in commemoration of the holiday. So, UMC20 is certainly littered with some of those, retroactive to the holiday.

We also have Quinn Spinn guests, Underground Writers Round writers, and some folks that we just thought would fit in nicely here. Through it all, you’re bound to find something you’ll want to take forward with you in the weeks and months to come.

Ready? Set? Let’s get it!

Track listing
Christopher Paul Stelling – Trouble Don’t Follow Me
Patrick Carpenter – Throwback
Borrowed Sparks – Are You Listening
Cris Jacobs – Afterglow
Raquel & the Wildflowers – Hot July
Wilson Harwood – Rooted in You
Josh Mack – Amor
KB & the Idyllwilde – Drown
Yard of Blondes – Lowland
Catalina – Get Out and I’ll Drive
Kaitlin Petty – Waste My Time
Taylor Dahlia – Hate You
Natalie Quevedo – Waiting
DaChri and Kate Puckett – Excuses
DeVries ft. Yonna Jones – East Atlanta
The Stash ft. Colleen D’agostino – Overdrive
Daniel Olsson – Higher
.CAM – Disconnected
Sarah Mae Chilton ft. Lord Goldie – Broke
Marc Ambrosia – Pisces and the Scorpio

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