The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, February 24

We’ve been following the journey of Foxtrot & the Get Down for almost as long as The Quinn Spinn has been a thing. That’s the better part of a decade, for those keeping score.

For sure, it’s been fun to admire their progress over the years, as they’ve developed their sound and found themselves all over the country. Now, they’ve progressed yet again with their latest single.

“That’s How It Goes” rolls that journey into an anthemic, three-and-a-half-minute rock and roll package. Co-lead singers Colin Budny and Erica Ruiz trade wisdom from the band’s years on the grind, acknowledging and accepting the bumps in the road along the way as part of the process.

The single also points to the benefits of having a strong, loving foundation wherever we feel at home. Through the uncertainty of life — and certainly, one lived with creative aspirations — “That’s How It Goes” helps us realize that we’re all on this road together. While we don’t know what lies ahead, facing the composite human experience with the ones we love is a beautiful thing.

Check out the latest stop on Foxtrot & the Get Down’s journey. It’s our Daily Spinn!

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