The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, March 5

Few things are certain in life, but one of those certain things is that Katie Cole has a special knack for writing heartbreaking Americana ballads.

The Australian-born, genre-blending singer-songwriter — yes, that’s a lot of dashes — released “Lie To Me” to the world last Friday. “Lie To Me” uses the powerful imagery of sitting alone in an empty home, as Cole sings in stunned disbelief of the void left by a loved one’s sudden departure.

Cole’s showcases her full vocal capabilities on “Lie To Me,” from smoky, sullen verses, to a climactic bridge and closing refrain that add proper weight to the tune’s morose feeling. Instrumentally, “Lie To Me” is built on an Americana foundation, but with an edge and dynamic build that would help it fit in just as well on a modern rock playlist.

We tell you no lies: you’re sure to feel this one. Stream it as today’s Daily Spinn!

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