The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, March 9

There’s an intriguing indie soul artist out of Chicago you should know about. His name is Cobey.

Cobey just released the genre-shattering full-length album, It’s Not Me | It’s Used, on February 20. Recently, he released a music video for “Alarm,” a tense and ambient tune marked by its pulsing electronic groove and whirlwind energy.

“Alarm” is about the hoops we jump through, sometimes in vain, to find love. The accompanying video — directed and produced by McKenzie Hanson — shows Cobey. attempting to navigate a dizzying house of mirrors with no apparent way out; an apt metaphor for trying to win the affections of the emotionally unavailable.

Let this be your starting point, as you dig into this exciting project. Watch our Daily Spinn!

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