UMC20: March 10, 2020

As we begin to sort through the early March chaos, we’ve returned to our inbox to find many wonderful submissions.

Translation: this week’s UMC20 is stacked.

We’re going to do our best to give you our proper thoughts on some of these jams in the coming days. For now, this week’s UMC20 mostly serves as a sampling of things to come, whether in review form, or perhaps a preview of our Underground Writers Round for Tornado Relief at Douglas Corner Cafe on Friday, March 20.

We’ll let you dig into this one for yourselves. Get yourselves some below!

Track listing
The Katawicks – Love in Your Soul
Dane & The Soup – I Been Lonely
Mason Zgoda – Joey Ramone
Glenn Thomas – Oriole
My Sister, My Brother – Don’t Know How to Love You
Diamonds and Whiskey – Walk On
Robert Henry – Storm the Gate
Wilson Harwood – Marlena
Zoe Clark – Cave
Jerrica Alyssa – Love Me
Rosalie – Fool’s Gold
Richard String – How Do You Do?
Cobey. – Alarm
Neil Grover – Under the Weather, Vol. 1
Bronte Fall – Fly the W
Nik De – Rain
Anastasia Elliot – Crash Landing
Taylor Young Band – Get Around
The Simmers – Just a Bit Longer
Goodnite Robicheaux – Lovesic

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