UMC20: March 17, 2020

It has been a strange couple weeks, for certain.

Through it all, we have music.

By now, you’re all keenly aware of what’s going on. Further, we want you to know ways that you can get help, if you’re affected by the shutdown brought on by the current pandemic.

With that, we also want to help take your mind off of what’s currently going on in the world. With that, we give you our weekly multi-genre, 20-track adventure, featuring artists from any and everywhere. And, in honor of the current absence of live music in venues, we’ve included a few live cuts for your enjoyment.

So, here you go. Enjoy UMC20 below!

Track listing
Creative Mind Frame ft. Kadesh Flow – Power Rangers
0-Brien – What She Say
PuffHost – 20 Somethings
Mark Fredson – R U IN IT?
Notelle – Come For Me
Seth Witcher – Marionette
Jerome Obholz – All You Want
Evan Cline – Downfall
My Sister, My Brother – Forever Now
Katie Cole – Time on My Hands (from Shoebox Sessions)
Brian Dunne – Getting Wrecked on Election Day
Billy Bauer Band – The Grip (Live)
The Silent Boys – What Did She Mean?
The Slow Drag – Broken Arrow (Live)
Mermaid Avenue – Effigy
Michael Constantini – Time to Wake Up
Chip & The Charge Ups – Front Row
Roi and the Secret People – Dog St. (Live)
Alligator Blood – Heavy Metal Bake Sale

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