The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, March 19

Photo credit: Danielle Holbert

Ah, the thrill of new love! And, the nervous excitement of uncovering whether your love feels the same way.

Take that story, put some silky smooth vocals on it, and accent it with memorable horns, and you have Mark Fredson‘s latest single, “R U IN IT?

“This song is me saying I’ve been through a lot,” Fredson said. “I’ve been a lot of different versions of myself, I’ve felt love, but never anything as heavy as the love I feel about this person. And I’m hoping with all of me that they feel the same.”

The single is a taste of Fredson’s forthcoming EP, Going to the Movies, set for release on May 20. Blending honest songwriting with bombastic presentation, the record turns human experiences — and mostly, misfortune — into enjoyable, accessible tunes.

With that, we’ll let you enjoy this one. Stream “R U IN IT?” below!

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