WATCH: Creative Mind Frame Shows How He’s Stayed Busy with ’88 Bit Hero’

Even in these quarantined times, Creative Mind Frame has plenty to keep him occupied. Namely, he’s been devoting time to two of his favorite things — video games and music.

The two art forms join forces once again in his latest music video.

“88 Bit Hero” pays homage to the golden age of video games, with tributes to some of the most beloved games and console in the medium’s history. The video features Creative Mind Frame — overlayed with full 16-bit graphics — waxing poetic about some of his favorites while clips of the classics roll by. Sonically, the track’s nostalgic vibe take us back to the pizza parties and late nights of our youth.

“88 Bit Hero” was mixed by Creative Mind Frame and mastered by K-Murdock of Panacea. You can check out the final product in all of its glory below!

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