UMC20: April 21, 2020

Out of the fog of an ongoing pandemic is a brand new batch of 20 songs for your Tuesday, cobbled together from our inbox and socials for your entertainment!

Y’all made this easy, in the sense that we have a lot of music to choose from. However, it was also difficult, in that… well, we have a lot of music to choose from. We trust that you’ll keep those submissions coming, just as sure as we’re going to have a lot of tough decisions when narrowing down the Best of April next week. Quarantine has led this to be one of the most prolific musical months we’ve ever encountered!

But… there’s no need to stress about next week’s hard decisions just yet. This week’s playlist is here. Dive in!

Track listing
Christie Huff – Canvas
Lauren Jaimes – Home is Where You Are
The Matinee – Trouble Is
Emma Ohm – Hidden Tears
Cubbage – Slowly
Citizen Sky – Guiding Vice
Spencer Thomas Smith – You (Yellow and Blue)
Gabrielle Grace – Wayward Safety
Claire Kelly – The Land that Time Forgot
Kaitlin Petty – Supernova
Chloe Collins – Didn’t Want You
Brina Kay – Into the Sun
Mykel – Speed of Light
Rivita – Chocolate
Raquel Lily – Mary
Chelsea Williams – Wasted
Emily Gabriele – Monday
Spirits Republic – Décor
Little King – Hate Counter
Alive Through Memories – Ruby Red

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