PREMIERE: Ellen Starski Offers Perspective on Addiction with ‘Have We Forgotten’

Photo credit: Anna Haas

Nashville singer-songwriter Ellen Starski is preparing to release her eclectic sophomore album, Sara’s Half Finished Love Affair, on May 8.

The album’s fourth single, set for release tomorrow, offers a real look at a struggle she’s known.

Have We Forgotten” gives Starski a chance to confront her first-hand experiences with addiction and drug culture, as witnessed through the lens of a loved one.

“When I was a teenager, feeling alienated and angst ridden, I jumped into the drug world head first,” she recalls. “To this day, I’m unsure of where my parents found the strength to deal with my out of control behavior, and nurse me back to the daughter they once knew. There’s so much more to life than the numbness.”

“Have We Forgotten” carries a hazy ambiance; perhaps, a sonic nod to the fog and numbness brought on by drug use. Starski’s haunting vocal delivers a narrative which offers an outside perspective on the effects of addiction on one’s well-being and relationships. This resides on top of steady-marching drums and a brooding bass groove, which combine to give the track a stunning sense of urgency.

Be among the first to hear “Have We Forgotten” before it is released to the world. Stream it below!

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  • I’ll never forget…never will be forgotten!!Wonderful song!Great lyrics…a voice beyond compare🎼🎼🎼♥️

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