The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, April 23

Once in a while, we come back around to remind you of the vast musical abilities of Anthony Cubbage.

The Pennsylvania-based songwriter is back with “Slowly,” the first single of 2020 for his eponymous band, Cubbage. The new tune is marked by swaying, jazz-influenced rhythms and the sax work of Tom Mentzerwhose closing solo seamlessly calls and answers the tasteful guitar work of Jeff McKinnon, who mixed and mastered the track.

On “Slowly,” Cubbage himself once again uses his ample vocal gifts to thoughtfully cut through life’s clutter and rediscover what’s important.

“I wrote this song when I was hit with the realization that if it weren’t for someone in my life, I’d still be chasing things that distracted me from what actually matter — making moments that last with people you love,” Cubbage said. “This song is an anthem to the loved ones that slow you down when your mind wants to move 100 miles a minute.”

Slow down with our Daily Spinn, and listen to “Slowly” below!

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