LISTEN: The Matinée Return – With Friends – On ‘Trouble Is’

Photo credit: Laura Harvey

Canadian roots rockers, The Matinée, are back with their split single, “Trouble Is” — and this time, they brought a few friends.

With a heavy-hitting roster including Colleen Rennison and Dawn Pemberton (guest vocals), Matt Kelly (pedal steel), and Chris Gestrin (all things keys), these were already bound to be some extraordinary tracks. Pair that with the production stylings of Erik Nielson and the mixing of Jim Scott, and it’s ten minutes extremely well spent.

The group starts the split with an analysis of the current human experience with the title track “Trouble Is”. After a brief glance to the past and some self-reflection, the band offers up some timely insight regarding the state of our modern society, reminding us of the need to lead kinder, more compassionate lives. This perfect mix of nostalgia and soul will have you singing for days to come.

The second track brings us a confession of love that’s dark and sweet. “Ain’t No One Like You” captures this emotion in such a beautiful way, flowing male and female vocals that paint a picture of appreciation for shared memories and time. It’s always special when you can see a story play out so clearly while listening to a piece. “Ain’t No One Like You” nails it. This song is rich and heavy in sound; yet, it makes you feel like you’re floating.

“Ain’t No One Like You” is an excellent cap to a project that is worth your time. Stream both tracks below!

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