The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Tuesday, April 28

It seems like just yesterday that we had Empty Atlas‘ Micah Smith and Brennan Michael White on one of our early Quarantine Jams. That night, they told us about their then-forthcoming single, “Maximal,” set for release on April 24.

Well, April 24 has come and gone, and the Jackson, Mississippi natives have released “Maximal” to the world. We’re glad they did; the new single is a dynamic indie rock effort, hallmarked by White’s emotive guitar licks, which feature the intersection of alternative rock sensibility with a touch of Southern soul. Meanwhile, the immersive glow of new-wave inspired synths builds “Maximal” into a triumphant, gorgeous wall of sound.

“Maximal” was produced by Nick Smith at Dipping Vat Studio (Monticello, MS), and mixed by Tyler Spratt. Now, it’s here for you as today’s Daily Spinn!

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