Scott Grim Returns with Genuine Folk Ballad, ‘New Old Flame’

Washington DC’s Scott Grim returned on Friday with the raw folk ballad, “New Old Flame.”

In his first release of 2020, Grim pens a message to a former partner. His words float weightlessly above a soothing acoustic bedding of guitar, mellotron, and piano, and the simplicity of the production brings out the genuine nature of Scott’s writing.

“It’s funny. I think of you and see a smolder in the rain, burning in my brain” Scott sings in a reflective tone. The delivery of the lyrics gives the message a lackadaisical feel; more of acceptance, than sadness, like these words were written for someone that doesn’t particularly have a desire to hear them. Perhaps, this feeling is all too familiar. Meanwhile, “it’s all the reason more to pour champagne” sums up an attempt at changing perspectives, and setting a course toward better days.

“New Old Flame” was recorded in collaboration with Rocking Horse Studio in New Hampshire. Stream it below, along with the rest of Scott’s fantastic discography right here!

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