PREMIERE: Natalie Schlabs New Video Adds a Touch of ‘Home’

Photo credit: Fairlight Hubbard

Even with COVID-19 keeping many of us apart, artists everywhere are still finding ways to put forth creativity and hope.

That’s where Natalie Schlabs comes into the picture. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter released her latest single, “Home Is You,” on April 17. A bright and sunny acoustic pop tune, “Home Is You” is a song about that person who is your person, and will be featured on Schlabs’ upcoming album, Don’t Look Too Close, set for release this fall.

As for the video? It features at-home footage of Schlabs and her closest family and friends — including fellow musicians like Robby Hecht, the members of Oliver the Crow, Betsy Phillips, and gospel/soul powerhouse Lize Vice. With “Home Is You,” we get a personal look at the quality time spent between loved ones — all of whom happen to be singing along to this undeniably catchy tune.

”I wanted to feature my friends and family having fun at home, despite the insanity that is happening in the world, and as a reminder to myself that things will not always be this way,” Schlabs noted. “Like everyone else, I miss the hugs and conversation of my people. This video was a small taste of getting to participate in those relationships again.”

The video was edited together by Kaitlyn Raitz. We’re honored to premiere it for you below!

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