REVIEW: Anna Claire Loftis – Happy on TV

Since last year, Anna Claire Loftis has been building toward the release of her EP, Happy on TV. We’ve had the chance to check in at various points along the journey, and now, we’ve arrived at our destination.

What we found when we got here was a thoughtful contemporary pop effort, full of fresh ideas and a willingness to tackle heavy topics.

You’ve already heard our thoughts on singles “Motion Sick,” “Broke Like Glass,” and “Paper or Plastic,” so we’ll focus our efforts today on the tracks that we hadn’t uncovered until now. This begins with the title track, “Happy on TV,” which has a new jack swing-inspired groove sure to delight 90s kids everywhere. This meshes well with modern electronic elements and a stirring jazz-pop melody, giving the EP a strong and dynamic opening statement.

In the Morning” comes next. Loftis uses the track as a way to describe the high-stakes battle of confronting ones demons; a story told over tense rhythms that support the narrative, while carrying a sense of resilience and determination that is the essence of the human spirit.

Perhaps the most ambitious track on Happy on TV comes later on. “Bathsheba” is a dramatic, jazz-influenced ballad inspired by the Biblical story of Bathsheba, the wife of King David and mother of Solomon, whose story has been portrayed in scripture, art, and literature for centuries.

As you can already see, Happy on TV gives the listener plenty to explore, both sonically and thematically. We’re ‘Happy’ to give you a chance to explore it yourself below!

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