LISTEN: A Feel-Good Single from The Tisburys

When I first hit play on The Tisburys’ newest single, “Fading Light,” a reminiscent wave washed over me. I could feel a cool summer breeze with the last rays of the setting sun on my face, and a multi-colored stage in the distance becoming ever brighter with the ascension into the evening. The rawness and spirit of this song reminds me of everything that I love about music.

In a declaration of love, lead singer Tyler Asay’s vocals capture the essence of feel-good rock music. Packaged together with tightly blended guitars, flowing drums, and tasteful harmonies, this is a single I expect to enjoy again and again.

With any luck, the aforementioned scene can be recreated with this song as a backdrop, sooner rather than later. For now, check out “Fading Light” below!

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