LISTEN: Citizen Sky’s ‘Too Close’ the Perfect Quarantine Anti-Love Song

Sometimes — and, especially in this day and age — we all need our space.

Enter Citizen Sky, the project of eastern Pennsylvania songwriter and musician Garrett Powell. Earlier this month, Powell unveiled the new single, “Too Close,” a dazzling blend of pop, rock, and jazz that is the appropriate anthem for keeping our distance.

The timing may be appropriate given the circumstances, but “Too Close” is actually an anti-love song. The track features the silky, jazz-influenced alto of guest vocalist Mercy Rauscher, who fires lyrical warning shots to a suitor getting too close, too soon. This message is given further weight by the guitar work of Dan Thompson, whose soulful licks give “Too Close” some additional edge.

You’ll want to get closely acquainted with this one. Check out “Too Close” below!

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