LISTEN: Oliver Dodge’s ‘Different States’ Tells a Story of Disconnect

Chicago native Oliver Dodge has been busy so far in the new decade. His latest single, “Different States,” made its way into the world on May 1, and was already his fourth new release of the year.

“Different States” tells of a disconnect between two people who, romantically speaking, can’t get on the same page. In the refrain, Dodge proclaims, “I don’t know how to communicate from far away. If only we didn’t live in a different state of mind.” This identifies a rift between two individuals who want different things, and an imbalance in their desire to work it out, with simmering undertones of resentment bubbling to the surface.

Sonically, “Different States” employs a dark pop edge, powered forward by thunderous 808s and a sultry, Middle Eastern-influenced groove. Listen for yourself on Spotify!

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