The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Tuesday, June 16

Here’s a Daily Spinn that is equal parts haunting and hopeful, while staying relevant to the times.

Seattle’s Society of the Silver Cross released a new music video for their song, “Dissolve and Merge,” from their 2019 debut, 1 Verse. The dark, gothic-rock tune features layers of tense, spooky instrumentation, which rests underneath hypnotizing vocals from songwriting duo Joe Reineke and Karyn Gold-Reineke.

According to the band, “Dissolve and Merge” serves as a metaphor that likens humanity to waves in the ocean; as individual forces of nature that belong — and eventually, return to — a greater whole. This notion relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, and “the old and renewed optimism that the future is going to be better than our past.”

The video came together thanks to a friend of the band, Ernie Sapiro, who asked the band if he could use “Dissolve and Merge” for a photo montage of abandoned Seattle streets during the height of the pandemic.

“He said this music would be a perfect fit for (the vide), as it has both dark and hopeful aspects to it,” Reineke said. “We hadn’t planned to do a video for this track, but it seemed like the timing was perfect.”

We invite you to watch the video below, and we hope you’ll keep in mind that, soon enough, we’ll all be together again.

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