REVIEW: Goodnite Robicheaux – The Green Line

Goodnite Robicheaux joins us on Facebook this Thursday, June 18 at 5 p.m. CT for a special live stream in celebration of their new EP, The Green Line. So, it’s only fitting that we give you a listen to the record before we go live!

Preceded by singles “Every Time” and “Run the World,” The Green Line is 15 minutes of inventive production, intricate musicianship, and a range of raw emotions. The prominent, pulsing bass groove of “Candy” — an upbeat “4/4 pimp stroll down the dirty streets” — contrasts in mood from “Vapor Trail (Sky’s The Limit),” a multilayered lament about loneliness, blurred underneath a coating of psychedelic haze to support its escapist themes.

The psych haze sticks around on the new jack swing-inspired “Shadowboxing.” The tongue-in-cheek closing track gives singer Jamison Mode a chance to poke fun at the things we’ll do for love, as he sings about loving someone unconditionally — even through anger and misunderstanding.

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