WATCH: Taryn Coccia and Lord Goldie Offer a Message of Unity on ‘Chosen Ones’

The Black Lives Matter movement has inspired artists all over the country and world to use their platforms to speak out on the systematic injustice and inequality in our society. That includes art coming straight from the heart of Music City.

Pop singer Taryn Coccia has teamed up with hip hop artist Lord Goldie on “Chosen Ones,” a new single and video in direct support of the Black Lives Matter protests that have taken place all over the world in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. The song’s message of change, unity, and hope is supported with footage from protests all over the world, with cut scenes of each artist performing the song at Helping Our Music Evolve in East Nashville.

Also of note at the end of the video is a blacked-out moment of silence, inserted in remembrance of George Floyd and countless other victims of police brutality. Please watch and listen below.

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