LISTEN: Pozzi Speaks Against Oppression on ‘Tyrant’

In tumultuous times, folk music has been there over the years to put the state of the world into perspective.

The tradition continues with “Tyrant,” the latest single from alt-folk artist Pozzi. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter released the timely new tune this past Friday, as a means of speaking out against “the external and internal oppressive energies that keep people from reaching their full potential.”

“Generally speaking, the song is about oppression of any kind, which is something I feel very strongly about combating, and using music to express those feelings of disdain and unrest,” Pozzi said. “So, I call the song ‘Tyrant,’ which the exact definition is: ‘A cruel or oppressive ruler.’ I encourage people to speak up and hop in the ring to fight against these all-encompassing forces.”

“Tyrant” is the lead single and title track from Pozzi’s forthcoming album, which was produced by Frankie Siragusa at The Lab Studios in Los Angeles. The record is set for release this August, but you can get a first glimpse below!

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