UMC20: June 23, 2020

In the process of putting together last week’s playlist, we realized something: June has five Tuesdays this year, which means you get a fourth all-new UMC20 this month!

Of course, with all of the music still floating our way, we had no problem filling this one up with fresh, quality fire for you. The real challenge comes next week, when we have to narrow down four playlists into one “Best Of” volume.

Pray for us. Then, when you’re finished, enjoy the latest below (and don’t forget to head over here and follow the fun)!

Track listing
Brandon Whitley – More Than a Few Shots
Austin Alexander – Hometown Hero
Charles Ellsworth – Paranoia (A Nu Start)
Tessy Lou Williams – Your Forever Will Never Say Goodbye
Jarrod Dickenson – California
Sleepy Gaucho – Watchin’ Paint Dry
Walter Debarr – Quicksand
Pozzi – Tyrant
Natalie Schlabs – Go Outside
Inder Paul Sandhu – Cold
The Aquaducks – Gotta Keep on Movin’
YEARLOVE – Witness
Empty Atlas – Codebreaker
Noelle Chiodo – That’s It, I’m Done
Zoe Clark – More
Mary Kutter – Defy Gravity
Caley Rose – Father
Colleen Orender – Siren
Bellsavvy – Queen of My Mind
Corrin Campbell – Sunbeam (kkami Remix)

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