The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, June 24

Photo credit: Fairlight Hubbard

Isn’t it time to break from technology and the ways we’ve shut ourselves in, and greet the world?

That is the essence of “Go Outside,” the airy new indie rock single from Natalie Schlabs. With the gentle tact of a warm summer breeze, Schlabs reminds us that there is a world beyond our homes and our screens, and encourages us to engage with it however we can.

“(‘Go Outside’ is) a reminder to put down my phone and pursue activities that fill me with a tangible sense of the world and my ‘flesh and bone’ neighbor outside my door,” she explains. “To be outside is to be surrounded by a world I can’t control and beauty I did not have to create myself. I can let go of some of my control and simply be.”

From a dynamic standpoint, “Go Outside” crescendos delicately, reminding us of what it is like to, slowly but surely, reconnect with each other and explore in real time. The track is from the upcoming album, Don’t Look Too Close, which is due for release on October 16, and is co-produced by Juan Solorzano and Zachary Dyke.

Today, it’s your Daily Spinn. Take it with you wherever you go today!

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