LISTEN: Market Junction May Be ‘Out of Love,’ But Not Out Of Hits

In anticipation of their upcoming album Burning Bridges (out August 7th), Market Junction has released their second single from the record, “Out of Love.

The lyrics, “We say ‘I love you,’ ‘cuz we’re supposed to. It’s what we use to fill the awkward in-between” sum up this entire song perfectly. “Out of Love” is about a love that has normalized its faults, and which is, unfortunately, eroding more and more with time.

This track is absolutely beautiful and, though it’s relatively short, the band manages to say quite a bit. Throughout this journey of lost love, the listener will experience the emotional toll that romantic complacency provides. Frontman Matt Parrish sings with a slight sense of exhaustion and desperation to tell of a somber situation, while his bandmates echo those sentiments with both subdued and upbeat sonic landscapes. That’s something I’ve really come to appreciate about Market Junction: they’re Grade A artists in both lyrics and performance; yet, they never overdo it.

Enjoy “Out of Love” from Market Junction below!

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